Want to Vomit While Brushing Teeth?

Written By Luthfie fadhillah on Saturday, March 12, 2011 | 7:20 AM

Nausea when brushing your teeth in the morning-general-turned out to be experienced by many people. Feel like vomiting are also often appear suddenly. Previously you did not experience it, but since last few weeks you feel the urge to vomit. However, rarely a feeling of nausea to vomiting. Most people just want to throw out votes, or after burping nausea that goes away by itself.

The cause of this sickness there are various kinds:

1. You have a sensitive throat. The back of the throat having contractions that stop the object enters the throat, except when you want to swallow normally.

2. You brush your teeth too hard so that pressing the inside of the throat. Remember, a bulimic usually striking his mouth until he vomited his food.

3. Psychological factors, because you never vomited while brushing your teeth too hard. The incident was apparently unintentionally made an impression, so you're always worried about vomiting when brushing your teeth. Negative thoughts can also lead to negative events.

4. Some say that the nausea when brushing your teeth is also caused by the increase in stomach acid (heartburn). Try your attention, if any of your toothpaste foam contained clear yellowish colored viscous liquid?

5. You're pregnant, so that nausea is part of the morning sickness that you experience.

Based on the various causes of this, you can actually cope with nausea during tooth brushing.

1. Breathing through the mouth while brushing your teeth. Inhale deeply when I want to throw up, and avoid holding the breath, or concentrate on breathing in one way, because it will only aggravate the situation.

2. Do not open your mouth too wide or with stiff. Relax your muscles in your mouth and throat. If possible, brush your teeth gently without opening his mouth. If stomach acid goes up, throw your first toothpaste foam.

3. Do not put too deep a toothbrush, and brush with the strong, because your hand can accidentally poke too hard.

4. Replace toothbrush with softer bristles, or replace the toothpaste with a flavor that is not too spicy. You can choose your toothpaste that tastes like.

5. Drinking warm water after waking up, then rinse with warm water when brushing your teeth.

6. If you are not sure of the cleanliness of teeth due to stop brushing your teeth before touching any teeth, help with mouthwash or tongue scrapers to clean your tongue (you can buy at pharmacies).

7. If the use of tongue scrapers still makes you sick, use dental floss to wipe your tongue. Take along the usual floss, then brush into your tongue from the inside out. This method will be quite successful for a sensitive throat.

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Kathy said...

I think the most common reasons for vomiting while brushing is having a sensitive throat or just brushing way too hard. We should always be careful when brushing, as improper methods might lead to bleeding gums and other dental problems.

-Kathy Frederickson

Ian Kimathi said...

thank you this information was helpful now my problem is solved...

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